About Us

Rub U Right Beauty LLC was a dream coming into existence when I faced the most challenge moment of my life. In November 2018, I went through and conquered open heart surgery. While on bedrest recuperating, many of the medications caused me to have reactions with my skin that I was already facing a battle with. From early childhood, I struggled with dry and sensitive skin along with eczema flare ups frequently.

Many skin care products I used as I went through my teenage years was always a catch-22.  My skin would be hydrated but in return breakout and cause my eczema to flare up. Or control the breakout and eczema but dry my skin excessively. I knew I had to find a common ground to keep my skin hydrated, moisturized and calmly control my eczema all at once. That's when Rub U Right Beauty LLC was born. 

Our goal is to provide affordable skin and lip care essentials that are cruelty free, preservative free and organically friendly for all skin types. Our mission is to revitalize and replenish the moisture our skin craves to absorb. All products are handmade with love in small batches to ensure you are getting the best quality of our products. We put our customers in mind to rub you the right way for the glow that shows!

Tatiana Robinson, CEO