My skin is irritated, what do I do?

Although our products are made from natural and fresh ingredients that are compatible for all skin types, there is a possibility some ingredients will not agree with everyone. We encourage you review the ingredients that are provided on each product page and you test product on small area of skin if never used before. If you experience skin irritation, please discontinue usage immediately and contact your healthcare provider. 


A white film/layer is on top of my scrub when opened, what's wrong with it?

Due to our products being made fresh without any preservatives, under cooler than normal temperature conditions the natural oils within the scrub can tend to separate and solidify. This can result in an off white cloudy film/layer on the top of the scrub itself. The scrub is still capable to begin usage with no complications of its contents. The scrub is not compromised if this may occur and effectiveness remains the same. Simply give the scrub a stir with the provided spoon to incorporate and combine the oils back into the exfoliant to use. 


For all other concerns, questions or comments, please contact us via email: ruburightbeauty@gmail.com.